Hi there!!!

Hi I’m Victoria, the artist behind the lens
at Victoria Burns Photography. I am
passionate in shooting wedding and portraits
 for I feel that it is important
to create an ever-lasting-memory of a
time that goes by so quickly. I shoot with
soft/natural lighting and in clear focus to
ensure that every important details is
Every session is a new adventure for me. I
would love to have the opportunity to
work with you and learn more about you.

My approach..

As a photographer, my main priority is to capture your story, the MOMENTS that truly matter. It’s not just all about the photos, but  about the feeling. 

I don't just shoot for the bride and groom, I am shooting for their family who loves them, the family that is yet to come. Not just for this generation but for their children and grandchildren's children. Your images are powerful reminders for years to come.

Are we a good fit?

If you are looking for a girl with a fancy camera, with a mindful of poses to show up and get those awkward staged smiling shots, you’ve come to the wrong place. 

If you are shopping around trying to find the most budget-friendly deal, you might not value what my work really stands for. That’s fine, because you deserve a photographer that fits exactly your needs and wants!

I love to capture the messy, authentic, in-between moments. Not just a photos of your first dance with your dad, but the tears in your mom’s face when she watched the two of you. It’s all about documenting those raw feelings in timeless imagery for years to come.

I am not everyone’s cup of tea, and that is 100% okay. If you enjoy cuddling with your pups, getting your shoes dirty, long hours at coffee shops drinking unlimited amounts of coffee, and laughing uncontrollably with people you hold dearest to you, we’ll become friends in no time.

My couples? They are laid back, live for the moment kind of people. If you are the bride who gets her dress dirty and doesn't even bat an eye because you're so lost in the fun and magic of the moment then let's do this thing!

Let's Hang!!!